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Jean-Martin Fortier
in Croatia

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Transformative Conversation on the Evolution and Future of Organic Farming

Many of today’s burning issues can be solved with the help of innovative individuals who are determined to find alternative and ethical ways of producing food, as well as ways of being in the world. 

Jean-Martin Fortier, the star of organic farming, and David Pejić, Europe's best organic farmer, are two exceptional people deeply committed to a sustainable future. 


Fortier and Pejić will discuss the evolution and future of organic farming openly and honestly as part of a unique event called Masters of the Soil.


One-day workshop at Zrno organic farm

Digging Deeper with JM goes beyond the screen to Zrno Organic Farm!

Dive into the profound world of organic farming with the maestro, Jean-Martin Fortier, at Europe's celebrated farm. 

Explore the fundamental elements, techniques, and design principles that transform small-scale biointensive farming into a profitable endeavor. Join us for a whole day workshop alongside master grower JM Fortier and delve into the pivotal aspects of successful farming. 

Both events will be held in English without translation into Croatian.   


Jean-Martin Fortier

With more than 20 years of experience, Jean-Martin Fortier is a world-leading expert and practitioner in organic and biointensive agriculture, specializing in microfarming. His mission is to promote human-scale regenerative agriculture and create sustainable and resilient food systems, from garden to table. He shares his knowledge and expertise with thousands of farmers around the world through the Market Gardener Institute, as the author of the award winning book The Market Gardener, his most recent book Les outils de potager, and the online training program The Market Gardener's Masterclass. 

Together with his team, he designed a unique Heirloom app for organic farmers to plan and manage crops and generate profits. 

Believing that consumers play an essential role in building a healthy future for people and the planet, he founded Growers & Co, a brand specializing in crafting functional workwear and high-quality gardening tools designeb by and for professional growers. With the Growing Change Initiative, each purchase empowers a starting Farmer. 

Fortier also launched a new farm-to-table restaurant and market garden space; the Old Mill. The restaurant serves food from organic ingredients grown on his property nad was named one of the 10 best new restaurants in Canada. 

Fortier lives and works in Quebec (Canada) at Ferme des Quatre-Temps farm where, among other things, he trains young farmers to gain the experience, know-how and resources needed to become become tomorrow’s farm leaders. 

This work was documented in two seasons in the television series Les Fermiers (Ther Farmers) shown on TV5 Monde. 

Jean-Martin Fortier

David Pejić

David Pejić

David Pejić is a young innovative organic farmer who runs Zrno, the oldest organic farm in Croatia. Together with his team, he grows about 60 different crops on 22 hectares and consistently implements the principles of ecological agriculture, contributing to health, sustainability and biodiversity. Applying innovative approaches and methods, David Pejić started the largest no-till biointensive garden in the region, and the estate produces more than 100 certified organic products. The estate's production principles are also applied in catering with Zagreb's Zrno bio bistro,  the first and only  certified organic restaurant in Croatia. 


He received his formal education at New York University, where he studied film and TV production, and at Cambridge, where he earned a master's degree in philosophy. Returning to Croatia in 2015, he joined the family business, and especially dedicated himself to the improvement of production processes at the Zrno eco farm.

In 2022, the European Commission declared him the best organic farmer in the EU.

In 2023, he was declared the best young farmer in Croatia. 

David Pejić has been the CEO of Biovega since 2023 and is a frequent guest at professional conferences and educational events. It is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and an organic lifestyle through management, education and continuous improvement.


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